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The Food Research Center (FoRC) is an initiative by scientists from the University of São Paulo for the creation of the first research center focused on food and nutrition in Brazil. The FoRC is based on the concept that food and nutrition studies present a multidisciplinary character, and professionals with different backgrounds can study different aspects of the same subject. The main goal is to address key global challenges and develop internationally ranked fundamental, strategic and applied research, benefitting Brazilian agribusiness, consumers, policymakers and regulatory agencies, and causing a great socio-economic impact on the country.

The research is divided in four main Pillars:

Pillar 1 - Biological Systens in Food

Pillar 2 - Food, Nutrition and Health

Pillar 3 - Food Safety and Quality

Pillar 4 - New Technologies and Innovation


Download the FoRC Institutional Folder (Folder-FoRC-English)


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