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Eficiência Energética

This pillar studies the biological benefits of bioactive compounds in foods. Scientists evaluate the functionality potential of foods for promotion of health and reduction of the risk of developing non-transmissible diseases. The innovative approach includes pre-clinical and clinical trials, using systems biology concepts and ‘omic’ technologies.

Research Projects:

• Study of bioactive compounds and micronutrients, their characterization in plant foods, bioavailability and specific activity, such as anti-inflammation and anti-proliferation, using cell cultures and animal and human models.

• Clinical studies using short to medium duration interventions, with foods as sources of bioactive compounds. Wide characterization of their influence on genomic expression (epigenome, transcriptome, proteome and metabolome), elucidating the effects on health and patterns of physiological response.

• Study of the influence of food consumption patterns, source of phenolic compounds (maternal and paternal) on offspring susceptibility to development of chronic non-transmissible diseases, especially breast cancer.



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Thomas Prates Ong 


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